ES3D::IntersectionMethodsx Class Reference

#include <IntersectionMethodsx.h>

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static GLboolean linePlaneIntersectionx (const FixedPointx p[3], const FixedPointx q[3], const FixedPointx a[3], const FixedPointx b[3], const FixedPointx c[3], FixedPointx &t, FixedPointx &u, FixedPointx &v, FixedPointx &w)
static GLboolean triangleTriangleIntersectionx (const FixedPointx t0[3 *3], const FixedPointx t1[3 *3])

Detailed Description

This class contains typical intersection methods.

Member Function Documentation

static GLboolean ES3D::IntersectionMethodsx::linePlaneIntersectionx ( const FixedPointx  p[3],
const FixedPointx  q[3],
const FixedPointx  a[3],
const FixedPointx  b[3],
const FixedPointx  c[3],
FixedPointx t,
FixedPointx u,
FixedPointx v,
FixedPointx w 
) [inline, static]

Checks the intersection between a line and a plane.

p starting point where the line goes through
q end point of the line
a first point of the plane
b second point of the plane
c third point of the plane
t variable to store t with P + (Q-P)*t
u barycentric coordinate u
v barycentric coordinate v
w barycentric coordinate w
true, if there is an intersection

static GLboolean ES3D::IntersectionMethodsx::triangleTriangleIntersectionx ( const FixedPointx  t0[3 *3],
const FixedPointx  t1[3 *3] 
) [inline, static]

Triangle vs. Triangle intersection test.

t0 the first triangle
t1 the second triangle
true, if an intersection did occur

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