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Embedded Systems 3D Game SDK

Getting Started
Before starting with the ES 3D Game SDK, please make sure you have the necessary tools (e.g. Editor, Compiler, ...) and libraries (e.g. OpenGL ES) installed on your computer.
The SDK is tested against the OpenGL ES library from Hybrid Graphics (Rasteroid 3.1), Imagination Technologies (PowerVR) and Nokia (OpenGL ES 1.1 Plugin). For OpenKODE, the Acrodea SDK is used and tested.
  1. Create out of the source code found in the ES3D directory a library. Make sure to set the include paths to your OpenGL ES and ANSI C header files.
  2. Copy out of the Mains directory one(!) of the files (MainOpenKODE.cpp for OpenKODE, MainWin32.cpp for Windows, MainWinCE.cpp for Pocket PC and MainS60.cpp for Symbian) regarding your platform you want to build for into each Sample directory.
  3. Create out of the source code in each Sample directory an application (For PowerVR, define POWERVR). Make sure to link against the above created library.
  4. To run the samples, the executables have to be either in the same directory as the data or the data has to be in the default path of the application.

Šopyright 2006 - 2008 by Norbert Nopper