ES3D::GluSubsetf Class Reference

#include <GluSubsetf.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static GLvoid perspectivef (GLfloat fovy, GLfloat aspect, GLfloat zNear, GLfloat zFar)
static GLvoid lookAtf (GLfloat eyeX, GLfloat eyeY, GLfloat eyeZ, GLfloat centerX, GLfloat centerY, GLfloat centerZ, GLfloat upX, GLfloat upY, GLfloat upZ)

Detailed Description

Glu like methods.

Member Function Documentation

GLvoid ES3D::GluSubsetf::lookAtf ( GLfloat  eyeX,
GLfloat  eyeY,
GLfloat  eyeZ,
GLfloat  centerX,
GLfloat  centerY,
GLfloat  centerZ,
GLfloat  upX,
GLfloat  upY,
GLfloat  upZ 
) [static]

Defines the eye position with the point to look at plus the up vector.

eyeX x position of the eye
eyeY y position of the eye
eyeZ y position of the eye
centerX x position to look at
centerY y position to look at
centerZ z position to look at
upX up vector x
upY up vector y
upZ up vector z

GLvoid ES3D::GluSubsetf::perspectivef ( GLfloat  fovy,
GLfloat  aspect,
GLfloat  zNear,
GLfloat  zFar 
) [static]

Sets the view frustum.

fovy field of view in the y axis
aspect the aspect of width to height
zNear the near clipping plane
zFar the far clipping plane.

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