ES3D::Primitivesx Class Reference

#include <Primitivesx.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static GLvoid colorx (GLclampx r, GLclampx g, GLclampx b, GLclampx a)
static GLvoid linex (const FixedPointx s[3], const FixedPointx e[3])
static GLvoid circlex (const FixedPointx p[3], const FixedPointx o[3], FixedPointx radius)

Detailed Description

Loader for loading several animations belonging to a given model.

Member Function Documentation

GLvoid ES3D::Primitivesx::circlex ( const FixedPointx  p[3],
const FixedPointx  o[3],
FixedPointx  radius 
) [static]

Draws a circle in the given plane

p the position of the center
o the orientation of the circle
radius the radius

GLvoid ES3D::Primitivesx::colorx ( GLclampx  r,
GLclampx  g,
GLclampx  b,
GLclampx  a 
) [static]

Sets the current color

r red value
g green value
b blue value
a alpha value

GLvoid ES3D::Primitivesx::linex ( const FixedPointx  s[3],
const FixedPointx  e[3] 
) [static]

Draws a line

s start point
e end point

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