ES3D::QuaternionMathf Class Reference

#include <QuaternionMathf.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static GLvoid angleToQuaternionf (GLfloat result[4], GLfloat anglex, GLfloat angley, GLfloat anglez)
static GLvoid slerpf (GLfloat result[4], const GLfloat quaternion0[4], const GLfloat quaternion1[4], GLclampf t)
static GLvoid quaternionToMatrixf (GLfloat result[16], GLfloat quaternion[4])

Detailed Description

Class, for quaternion calculations.

Member Function Documentation

static GLvoid ES3D::QuaternionMathf::angleToQuaternionf ( GLfloat  result[4],
GLfloat  anglex,
GLfloat  angley,
GLfloat  anglez 
) [inline, static]

Converts Euler Angles to a quaternion rotation.

result the resulting quaternion
anglex the x angle
angley the y angle
anglez the z angle

static GLvoid ES3D::QuaternionMathf::quaternionToMatrixf ( GLfloat  result[16],
GLfloat  quaternion[4] 
) [inline, static]

Converts a quaternion to a rotation matrix.

result the resulting quaternion
quaternion the quaternion to convert

static GLvoid ES3D::QuaternionMathf::slerpf ( GLfloat  result[4],
const GLfloat  quaternion0[4],
const GLfloat  quaternion1[4],
GLclampf  t 
) [inline, static]

Does a spherical interpolation (SLERP) with two quaternions.

result the resulting quaternion
quaternion0 the first quaternion
quaternion1 the second quaternion
t the ratio (between 0 and 1) to interpolate

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