ES3D::SimpleString Class Reference

#include <SimpleString.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SimpleString (GLvoid)
 SimpleString (const SimpleString &s)
 SimpleString (const char *const s)
 SimpleString (GLint d)
virtual ~SimpleString ()
SimpleStringoperator= (const SimpleString &copy)
SimpleStringoperator= (const char *const copy)
SimpleString operator+ (const SimpleString &copy)
SimpleString operator+ (const char *const copy)
GLint operator== (const SimpleString &compare)
GLint operator== (const char *const compare)
GLint operator!= (const SimpleString &compare)
GLint operator!= (const char *const compare)
 operator char * () const

Public Attributes

char * string

Detailed Description

Simple string class. Basic operators are supported.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ES3D::SimpleString::SimpleString ( GLvoid   ) 

Constructor. Creates a zero terminated empty string.

ES3D::SimpleString::SimpleString ( const SimpleString s  ) 

Copy constructor. Creates a copy of the given string.

s the string to copy from

ES3D::SimpleString::SimpleString ( const char *const   s  ) 

Constructor for a given 0 termianted string.

s the string to copy from

ES3D::SimpleString::SimpleString ( GLint  d  ) 

Constructor for creating a string out of a number.

d the number to generate a string

ES3D::SimpleString::~SimpleString (  )  [virtual]

Destructor. Fres the string.

Member Function Documentation

ES3D::SimpleString::operator char * (  )  const

Implicit conversion

GLint ES3D::SimpleString::operator!= ( const char *const   compare  ) 

Not equal compare operator.

GLint ES3D::SimpleString::operator!= ( const SimpleString compare  ) 

Not equal compare operator.

SimpleString ES3D::SimpleString::operator+ ( const char *const   copy  ) 

Concatenate operator.

SimpleString ES3D::SimpleString::operator+ ( const SimpleString copy  ) 

Concatenate operator.

SimpleString & ES3D::SimpleString::operator= ( const char *const   copy  ) 

Assignment operator.

SimpleString & ES3D::SimpleString::operator= ( const SimpleString copy  ) 

Assignment operator.

GLint ES3D::SimpleString::operator== ( const char *const   compare  ) 

Compare operator.

GLint ES3D::SimpleString::operator== ( const SimpleString compare  ) 

Compare operator.

Member Data Documentation

char* ES3D::SimpleString::string

Zero terminated string.

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